lynn bowser: president / CO-OWNER




Company Profile

 Westerly Marine is a custom builder of high performance, racing, cruising and commercial boats as well as advanced composite projects. We pay meticulous attention to each construction detail and endeavor to make every component strong, light and of the highest quality to assure integrity and reliability. 

Westerly has the capability and experience to build complete, pre-preg, oven-cured boats as well as composite structures and components.  Each hull, deck and structural component is laminated by hand using either pre-preg or wet-preg epoxy resin, roller impregnators and employing vacuum bag techniques.  Reinforcements of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and E-glass are used with either structural foam or honeycomb core. Composite lamination, finish woodwork and onboard system installations are all executed to the highest quality standards. 

As an industry leader, Westerly Marine is keeping abreast of developments and remains on the cutting edge of technology.  At any given time, we are involved with some of the world’s most prominent naval architects, designers and engineers building a variety of different and innovative custom projects.

Location & Facilities

 Founded in 1970 by owners Lynn Bowser and Steve Lee, Westerly’s facility is located on a two-acre industrial property in Santa Ana, California.  Central to Southern California and with proximity to several airports provides our clients convenient access for project visits.   

Our efficient 25,000 square foot production facility is capable of handling multiple projects at any given time.  Besides containing all of the necessary boat building tools, the following equipment is also on site:

14’ x 22’ x 65’ long stationary oven

14’ x 22’ x 80’ long stationary oven

8‘ x 8’ x 12’  G3 Components Oven

4’ x 4’ x 12’ G2 components oven

8’ x 20’ heated vacuum table/oven for bulkheads and flat panel work

20’ refrigerated container storage for pre-preg materials

Humidity and temperature controlled clean room for pre-preg structure lay-up

Computer linked oven control center with oven controllers and thermocouple data loggers

60” roller resin impregnator and a 24” resin impregnator

Pneumatic powered epoxy resin mixing and metering machine

Multi axis CNC router for cutting frames, bulkheads and 3 dimensional shapes

Two separate central vacuum systems plumbed throughout the facility

Rotary compressors and air dryer for central air system

24’ x 24 ‘   80,000 lb. gantry hoist

20’ x 20’    40,000 lb. gantry hoist

Complete machine and welding shop

Complete woodshop

Dust control and evacuation equipment

Air handling and ventilation system

Composite grinding booth

Finishing shop and painting booth

Two 37’ x70’  enclosed assembly sheds

12’ Radius CMM (Co-ordinate measuring machine) Arm

UT (Ultrasonic) NDT (Non Destructive Testing) measurement and inspection device

Calibrated scales and load cells for weighing finished parts

AutoCAD and Rhinocerous 3D design and CAM software


All work is completed in-house by our skilled workforce including experienced laminators, woodworkers, mechanics, electricians, metal fabricators and finishers. Our dedicated craftsmen are commitment to quality and have a high level of training and expertise.  Several of our employees have been with us for over 25 years with the average length of employment being in excess of 10 years.


We are constantly improving, testing, and developing our technology and methods of construction.  CNC routers and lasers are employed for precision and accuracy throughout the construction of each project and computer controlled ovens are utilized for elevated temperature curing of racing sailboats, performance cruisers, commercial vessels or composite structures.

Customer Support

We are committed to ensuring that each project is completed to our clients satisfaction, on schedule, within budget and to specification. Our service extends beyond the construction phase as we are an ongoing resource to our customers for parts, modifications and worldwide assistance.